Collection: Local Pickup

Local Pickup Disclaimer:

  1. Pickup Only: This function of service within our website exclusively offers local pickup for seafood orders. We do not offer shipping or delivery services at this rate. Please see #Link to Ship to Me

  2. Appointment Required: Pickup days must be scheduled in advance at checkout. We ask that you pickup in between the hours of 9-5. 

  3. Freshness Guarantee: We strive to provide the freshest seafood possible. That's why we have a local pickup cooler, to ensure your food stays cold all day.

  4. Storage Recommendations: Upon pickup, we advise promptly refrigerating or freezing your seafood to preserve its quality. Please refer to our storage guidelines on pickup for best practices.

  5. Responsibility Upon Pickup: Once the seafood is handed over to you, responsibility for its condition and storage transfers to you.

  6. No Liability for Delay: We are not liable for any delays in pickup or any resulting impact on the quality of the seafood due to lack of pickup.

  7. Contact Information: For any inquiries or assistance regarding pickup orders, please contact our customer service team during business hours.

By placing a pickup order with us, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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