~ The Foundation of Our Company ~

Sue and Pete Buxton, together with their sons Joshua and Jared, represent the fifth and sixth generations of the storied lineage rooted on the picturesque island of Deer Isle, Maine. Their familial legacy intertwines deeply with the maritime heritage of the region, where family and friends are entrenched in the traditions of fishing and ocean-related endeavors.

Sue embarked on her journey in the seafood industry as a discerning purveyor, overseeing the operations of the esteemed fish monger, Ingrid Bengis, since 1999. Her role entailed curating and shipping the finest catches from their island community to acclaimed chefs nationwide. Collaborating with culinary luminaries such as Thomas Keller, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Eric Ripert, and others has endowed her with profound insights into haute cuisine. Yet, Sue's expertise extends beyond culinary finesse, encompassing a comprehensive understanding of Maine's exceptional seafood offerings and intricate shipping logistics. Over time, this endeavor has evolved into a cherished family enterprise, rooted in a commitment to excellence.

Maine's pristine, frigid waters are renowned for yielding some of the world's most exquisite seafood, characterized by its unparalleled freshness and quality. Notably, the state boasts stringent sustainability regulations, with fishermen and dealers actively participating in advisory boards to ensure the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Stonington, nestled on the bridged expanse of Deer Isle, stands as the preeminent lobster port in the United States. Beyond lobster, the dedicated day boat fishermen of this locale harvest an array of delectable treasures, including scallops, crabs, halibut, and clams. Additionally, they serve as custodians of aquaculture farms, cultivating delicacies such as scallops, Bouchot mussels, oysters, and seaweeds.

Peter, Sue's husband, epitomizes the maritime prowess of the Buxton lineage, holding a captain's license and excelling as a master wooden boat builder. The iconic Emma G, featured in our cover photo, stands as a testament to his craftsmanship and dedication. Operated by a pioneering lady lobster fisherman within the community, this vessel embodies the enduring spirit of maritime tradition and innovation.

As we proudly extend our offerings beyond the realm of professional kitchens to home cooks, we invite you to partake in the rich maritime heritage and unparalleled flavors of Maine's coastal bounty.